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"The Story Of O continues with All Throat With Onyxxx"
Trixxie Gets Spanked and Throated (new trainee)
New sub Sasha Ivy Initiated By Master MD
Here's a new trainee who just popped up out of no where. Miss Peach Fuzz needed some big dick training before she officially got into the industry, so My man Mr Jay was the man to do it.  She was fully submissive and took instructions well. He fucked her throat and pussy hard until he creampied her deep. She will need more training, but this is a good start.
"Peach Fuzz Loves To Be Dominated"
"Best Sub Slut I Ever Had Introducing Maya"
There have been many but this one right here is number 1 in my book. Maya came out of nowhere and can do what 10 women can do. She's an all around sub and loves what she does.  Watch me dominate her throat and asshole as rough as I want. She can take a lot and doesn't give up.  This is just the beginning for her, lots more nastiness to come, but for now check this out in the members area
"Alex Monroe Stretched out with Those Huge Toys"
Here's what you guys been asking for, another big dildo stretch session with the infamous Alex Monroe. This time she takes a super thick one purchased just for her.  In all we used about 4 different ones and she got fucked with a creampie ending. Great sub slut stretching here, don't miss this one
Alex Monroe Used To The Max (3 Hole Sub)
"A Day With Amari Gold"
Spent a day with Amari Gold awhile back and what a day it was. This is over 2 hours of what we did that day. She got spanked over 80 times, dick down her throat, Huge dildos up her ass and pussy, as well as real dick in her holes. She even licked some feet and toes that day.  I would say that was an eventful day.  She was trained by the best and look at her now. Enjoy with extra long session
Alex Monroe is one of my favorite subs and her sessions are all deemed classics. She has put in the work and gave it her all to show how submissive she is. Well this session is a hole stretching session where she got her pussy and ass penetrated in numerous ways. She took it all like a good girl and even took daddy's cum up her bum hole. Another session to enjoy from her.
Ye Onyxxx is still around and her throat got a little deeper due to some good training.  I had limited time on this day so she got right down to pleasing daddy. She did as she was instructed to do and that's give up that throat.  After a vigorous throat session she swallowed most of daddy's cum as she should.
New sub alert, Trixxie Has arrived to serve as needed. She's 19 and very submissive and loves to be told what to do.  This time she gets that throat tested to see what she's made of and yes she's the real deal. Not only did she throat a good amount of dick and swallow the load but also took a good spanking from daddy with no issues.  Great to see a new cumer who actually listens to instructions. Good girl, and yes we will see a lot more of her.
Lets welcome my new sub slut Sasha Ivy to the world of MD. She's a special girl and very submissive. She does exactly what daddy says with no problems and that's a blessing. This is just 1 of numerous sessions with this good Latina slut. I tied her to my bed, spanked and fucked her good, then brought out my dildos for a good pussy stretching.  After that, I fucked her real deep just the way I like it and nutted on her. She's such a good girl, I think I will keep her around for a long time.
What a day we spent with Alex Monroe. Me and Mr Woodz had our way with her as she permitted.  We spent most of the day fucking and chillin. After Mr Woodz fucked her ass and pussy and dropped a huge load on her, he left and I got mines to. Fucked both holes and nutted in her ass like a good girl. She's always been a great sub
"Sharing her holes featuring Alex Monroe"