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"Maya Trains Sub Danger To Do As She Says"
"Stretching Sub Alex Monroe"
The original anal vegan sub has returned and she is better than ever. All that training did her body good and now daddy can do as he pleases with her. I introduced her to my big bad dildos. At 1st the smaller one and then straight to Mr Thick. She took it like a good girl as her pussy was stretched to capacity. Then in between all of that she took dick up her ass and pussy and more dildo play. She was a super good girl that day and those holes are ready for much more
Onyxx continues her journey into my worl and on this lovely day she finds herself with another young sub name ebony lust.  The plan was for Ebony to get broken in with 11 inch bbc.  Onyxx only assisted and throated cock, got spanked and ate pussy while Ebony took the dick deep in her.  She got broken in real good this day and now she's an offical ebonysib girl. We will be seeing more of bothof these exceptional wmen soon. Until then enjoy the show.
"Onyxx Helps Ebony Lust With 11 Inch Dick (The Story Of O)
Ms Vaughn is back for the last time and Jaxx had to get that last nut inside this submissive freak.  He gave her a good hard fuck for her last video to send her off with a bang.  After tearing the pussy up he nutted deep in her pussy as she likes. Great last scene from her but no more after this.
"Last Creampie For Sub Slut Ms Vaughn"
"The Story Of O continues with All Throat With Onyxxx"
Ye Onyxxx is still around and her throat got a little deeper due to some good training.  I had limited time on this day so she got right down to pleasing daddy. She did as she was instructed to do and that's give up that throat.  After a vigorous throat session she swallowed most of daddy's cum as she should.
Maya stepped on the scene a few months back and she sure has alot to offer. On this particular day she brought her sub along to help her with BBC.  The sub wasn't allowed to fuck, only suck dick, eat pussy and ass, and clean up cum. And she did just that. This girl was totally obedient to her commands and did what she was told while Maya enjoyed all the dick she could take. Great effort of sub Danger's part and Maya is just phenominal.  Hopefully more to come from either one of them or both together again..
New sub alert, Trixxie Has arrived to serve as needed. She's 19 and very submissive and loves to be told what to do.  This time she gets that throat tested to see what she's made of and yes she's the real deal. Not only did she throat a good amount of dick and swallow the load but also took a good spanking from daddy with no issues.  Great to see a new cumer who actually listens to instructions. Good girl, and yes we will see a lot more of her.
Trixxie Gets Spanked and Throated (new trainee)